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Originally Posted by FlipFitch View Post
....I can't seem to figure out a way to build a view using a playlist instead of the whole library. Can it be done?....
Smartviews cannot be applied to playlists.
You can use the "Jump to file" search mode in the Playlist Editor, but that searches only the titles created by the ATF string.
Maybe sorting your playlist could help.

Or, create a new playlist from a new Smartview in the Library.
This time, try combining your 2 existing Smartviews and adding new search criteria so the list is "pared down further".

It is also possible to modify your existing Smartviews by using the Smartview Query Language in the "Search" bar and the "Refine" bar.
Go to "Advanced mode" when editing any Smartview for the documentation.

To display the 'Refine' bar:
Preferences > Media Library > Local Library > Advanced Library Preferences > check-mark at "Display 'Refine' search field in album views"

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