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Path for 'Add file(s) to playlist' dialog

Hi all

I'm on Win7x64sp1, and my Winamp is a portable v5.6.6.3516. My approach is that I hit 'L' and that opens the 'Add file(s) to playlist' dialog box. I'm looking for a way of forcing that dialog box to always point at a particular location, say X:\music, from where I'll then navigate to my desired folder/file to add to Winamp.

It used to be that the last location you added a file/folder from is the one that would be remembered for next time you add but now even this isn't working. And even if it was working it still does not serve the purpose I want, which is - regardless of what and where I added lastly from I want that 'Add file(s) to playlist' dialog box to always open up at a location I specify.

I tried editing the WinampPortable.ini file in the root folder and adding different lines of code pointing to my desired location but that didn't working. The code I mention is sth I saw on the forums here, not sth I made up. I also downloaded the PathsIni_v1_0.exe and tried with that but no matter what I tried there couldn't solve the issue.

Any solutions pls?
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