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Playlist numbers in parentheses and dark background

I am using version 5.66.

I am a loooong time user. I remember using Winamp in the late 90's. I still love it and consider it by far the best music player available.

I recently updated from an older version that I was using.

I have two questions:

1.) In this version, some songs in my playlist get highlighted with a dark background and have a number in parentheses just to the left of the track length.

Wherever I am in my playlist, WinAmp jumps to the the next of these files labeled as [1] at the end of whatever song is playing.

Why is Winamp doing this?

2.) I checked the setting for Winamp to import files in alphabetical order. I do this so that when I import an album, the track number preceding the song sorts the songs into the correct order.

If right-click on the folder with songs in it in Windows Explorer and select "Enque in Winamp", the songs get imported in order correctly.

If I select all of the files in the folder instead and select "Enque in Winamp", the songs get imported in a seemingly random order.

What's up with that?

Thank you!
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