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Originally posted by Abraxa
PS: I just noticed that the playlist editor notifies winamp when the user wants to play a track using the WM_USER message with wParam being 0x0000029A and lParam containing the ID the track has in the playlist. I think that if you catch the [WM_USER+2 (track ends)], [WM_USER & wParam = 0x29A (new song from playlist)] and [WM_COMMAND & wParam = 40045 (user starts playing by clicking on the PLAY button or pressing the X key)] messages you don't miss any song changes.
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Abraxa almost had it... it's just a little simpler than what he described. All you need to do is follow Abraxa's first piece of advice: subclass the playlist editor and catch WM_USER messages with wParam=666. This catches ALL song changes (x key, pressing play, clicking a new song, even dragging a file over winamp). What kind of plugin are you peeps making anyway? Good luck with whatever it is...
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