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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post

When you re-register the file extensions in Winamp's Prefs > File types (select all, audio only etc), does it update the winamp.ini file?

It's also possible, that you've registered the file extensions with Winamp via the Windows "Open File with" function or with the "Select standard program" under Vista/Win7. In both cases, Windows would save the info in the registry then and the internal Winamp function wouldn't be used.

I dunno, if it's worth then, to check for all possible extensions in the registry and see if they are registered with Winamp, because I must check for a loooot of extensions then, also ideally Winamp's own function should be used and all registered file extensions should be written to the winamp.ini file.
I had disabled the option to "restore file associations on winamp start". I enabled it and now
get "config_extlist=:MP3:M3U:M3U8" in winamp.ini.

And now that you mentioned it, I remember awhile back my mp3s stopped showing the winamp icon and I used the Windows "Open File with" function to restore it.

So all is working as it should. Thank you for helping me clear things up. Please don't check all registry extensions to see if they are registered with Winamp. That would be 'overkill' when users just need to let the internal Winamp function do it's thing.

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