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Along the same lines: i'd love to have a 'recently additions' autoplaylist, kinda like 'recent items', only instead of making a playlist by sorting files' LASTPLAYED parameter, have a dynamic playlist where items are sorted based on their creation date. Options could be:
-adjustable duration in list, e.g. anything added in the last 7 days, 2 weeks, year, whatever
-smart item tracking option, under the assumption that many people have a download folder that contains files with sketchy ID3Tag data and location (by dint of being in the download folder and not put in its proper place). Using the available tag data as well as hints from user (search here first: E:\music\artist\ THEN e:\i-dunno-whatever\).

Although this whole thing would initially be draining, as WA chewed through X thousand files for date creation data, after it had sorted them and been given the duration parameter from the user it could dump the whole 'songs & dates' list/database it had created onto a file in the winamp root, freeing up memory. Under the logical assumption that all new files will have dates younger than everything on the current database, all winamp would have to do then would be to datecheck new items (option of integrating a folder-monitor plugin here, so new stuff gets added to 'audio library' and 'recent additions', appended to database and tracked around the PC using the preset rules, with ID3tag data changes made onto the database entry when the file is located).

Another option could be periodical background scanning of library to check creation dates against database values, with options of 'how often to check', 'check all or check a sample' (i.e. one or two from each folder, assuming most albums arrive on the PC together), 'check only when CPU has been idle for time=X'.

I've been thinking about this due to my iPod, where i'd add stuff in big chunks with long intervals between them. The problem then was remembering what i'd added, and often having stuff reside on the pod for ages, unlistened.

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