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Winamp and Trojan?

Umm... I dunno if this is supposed to be here, but the staff can move it I guess... But I really need an answer for this one since I'm having troubles...

Anyways, I downloaded the latest WinAmp 5.1 from a notification from the version before it about the latest version 5.1. So I downloaded it, and played my musics afterwards, without changing anything on the preferences. Then last night, my WinAmp player suddenly closed, then I opened it again, and it kept on crashing. I looked up on the Windows Task Manager, then I saw drwatson32.exe. I looked it up on the 'net, and found about it on the Symantec Response System. I followed their instructions to get rid of drwatson32, but I can't find it. Even my AntiVirus scanner can't find it, and its not in the Registry Editor too! So I have no idea where to go now... Should I uninstall WinAmp and then reinstall?

Thanks in advance!
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