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Well I got them to take down my skins. I had a really awkward conversation with their Technology Director named Moses Johnson who came across like a high-pressure used car salesman. He tried to tell me that their software gives people like us (skinners) the power to create "customized media players" rather than just a new interface for a software controlled by the tyranny of AOL. He bragged that his company has resources that I can't possibly imagine working on the development of this project.

I made it clear that I wasn't interested in contributing to their software. I called him out on their "software" which is nothing more than the Wasabi engine using re-branded Winamp skins (without permission it seems) which include browser windows pointing to a CommunityServer based website. Users can post externally hosted music using CS's built-in blogging functions and is then aggregated by CS's built-in blog roller function into channels that listeners can subscribe to. When I pointed out that his software was nothing more than a rehash of other people's work, he got quite irate.

He then switched from salesman mode to asshole mode, screaming and dropping swears and insults faster that Andrew Dice Clay. He said I was mean and selfish for not contributing to the music community and that he has many other artists including Sven and TSF that are already onboard (not true). The phone call ended shortly after and my skins seem to have been removed as of this morning.

Be careful if you installed their demo. I noticed it trying to download several .exe files and running update processes in the background. My only other advice is to stay away from these guys.
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