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To the people interested in this thread, I agree. Most of the rest of the world does not use the American date format, so why should programs such as WinAMP dictate our options?

To the developers, it's not that difficult!
Why not have the Media Library code just query the sShortDate & sTimeFormat from the current user's registry settings (in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International keys)?

(My values are "d-MMM-yyyy" and "H:mm:ss" respectively)

The standard Windows API functions to print dates & times do this anyway, all that's probably needed is to either change the function call being used or not supply a "USA date/time" format argument to the strftime (or whatever) function.

Windows has already done the work, so why not use it rather than re-invent the wheel?

G'Day from Down Under.
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