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If you replace nuclear power with any other technology that can be both a constructive and destructive force, you'd realize how silly your argument sounds. "I'm against fire if it's used to hurt people." "Metallurgy is bad if it's used to make swords."
Yes and thats the point - they are bad if they are used to hurt people. Most of your argument is semantic and I could easily have discounted my own statements myself. Thats not a slur or meant as offensive btw on the flip side of what I said you are right and the quote I have used above from what you said doesn't really put my argument as silly but does show a semantic flaw.

However that flaw is only shown if it is judged within terms of 'Our Standard mentality'. And it is the general mentality (And Morals) that is at fault. As you rightfully say, chemical/biological weapons are every bit as bad as nuclear but then so is fire and metal as you sort of point out in the quote above.

Inherently though it is not the fire or metal that is at fault but the mentality of those who use it. An indoctrinated mentality that starts more or less as soon as you are born. Same goes for anything really - what you are taught, what you are influenced with is what you will become.

I chose to question what I was taught, what I was being influenced with and I decided they were wrong, (Wrong in so many ways). I don't see the need for any weapons. I don't see the need for any conflict. Apart from them being abhorrent to me I just see them as pathetic and any argument for either is just as pathetic irrespective of the side that is doing it.

That argument aside it's time for a wake up call in how we as a species view our whole existence. If we don't, I seriously don't think we will be a species on this planet for much longer. And that is serious. It's time we stop this stupidity of Nationality, Religion, Oppressive beliefs most of which are locked with in the other two.

It's time we started to look at just what we are. I don't see a Chinese person, Russian, American, Libyan, Saudi, Australian, British, French, German, Austrian, Polish, Italian, Iraqi, Indian, Argentinian, Spanish, Portugese etc etc et al..I don't see skin colour, I don't see Catholic, (Although I was supposedly born one), Muslim, KKK, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu etc al...

All I see is another human being, some with issues that they really need to deal with others without...

Theres a film that kicks about (on youtube I think) about the Internet. Was a news story from back in 1994 - one of the statements in in was similar to what I have just said, With computers there is no religion, no nationality, no colour prejudice, no need for conflict (basically - not exact but close enough)..

I say it's about time we, the ordinary people of this planet, tell this 1% who order us into these situations, who tell us we should be shooting and blowing the crap out of each other in the name of some imagined Uber Demi Being to go boil them selves a one.

Maybe I do live in dreamland that one day some how we can all live together but it's nice to dream and for me it would be an amazing dream. Still it is what it is at the moment - who knows though - one day maybe, one day....

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