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Originally posted by DJ Egg
That to me suggests that something is definitely messed up with your installation then.
The same setting controls main and winshade mode, and it works fine for me:
(you can tell by the *** in the screenshot that it's classic scrolling, yes?!)

winamp.m3u8 is in the root Winamp folder.
You know how to check file properties and make sure it's not got the read-only attribute, yes?

Winamp -> Prefs > File Types: Enqueue files on dbl-click in Explorer:
Checked or unchecked?
1. DJ EGG - I have to agree with you, there is something VERY strange going on here... It does not scroll "Classic style" in winshade mode for me.. And, I DONT EVEN have those Repeat and the Shuffle buttons in winshade mode.. Neither the "Colors" button and the "On top" button...
What is going on? What should I do?

By the way, I use the english installer only (the one that has been for many years).. What do you use?

2. Im not sure.. Can you tell me how to check the file properties in that .m3u8 thing? Or is that the enqueue thing (which is unchecked for me)?

2.1. That "Enqueue files on dbl-click in Explorer:" is UNCHECKED for me.. What should it be? What do you have?
EDIT: I tried it with checking that option, and now it works.. But now, Winamp does not automatically play the song on startup...
.. SO, there is a bug when it is unchecked (with that song - I think it is from a CD or something.. Im not sure)..

I am very confused right now.. This is strange things..

And, all these bugs happens in the Winamp Modern Skin only.. In Bento, I can start Winamp with double-clicking and the song text is showing.. No problem... The only thing that is happening with other Modern Skins is that Media Library thing.. That happens with other skins..
But since I dont have that winshade mode option thing in the WA Modern Skin either, it must be something wrong with my installastion right? This is strange..

3. And to say it.. When I install Winamp, the installer always DISables the Winamp Agent.. Everytime, even though I had it enabled...

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