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@flexi: Not even 1200 mics??? I believe we'll have to accept that our tastes in trance/techno are quite different then. That link is good, it's just that the sounds and beat get boring for me after a minute or two. I like a lot of psy, ambient, & goa.

Why I love Raja Ram:

@greg: ret=tex2D(Sampler_x, uv) tells the shader to return the red, green, and blue values of the x sampler at the pixel defined by the value of UV. The values come in the form of a float3, x being red, y being green, and z being blue. UV is a float2 which holds 2 values - the x coordinate and the y coordinate. Modifying the UV value changes the coordinates that the sampler places the color values at.

uv_echo and uv_water are modified uv values that are used to place a texture.

ehh, I hope that helps.

Oh, and flexi... I... I clicked it... I'm going to build myself one of those little machines now. I must go frolic with mad acid creatures in another world where traffic cones cause potential car wrecks by eating duck's heads while they're driving their spotless red cars down a road that... distorts...

Have a look...

I am the purple heathen.

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