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sorry, but thats not what i meant,
i have tested the windows scaling at 200%,
but its not that what i would prefer.

I have resized the Bento Shade Modus, so it is a litte bit higher, but this, what i have done only is shown,
if i click on the resize button on the right.
(where you normally resize the width)

Additional i have changed the Song-seeker-bar to a new "line".
(look at the image: )

I have Mixes wich are 100min long.
Try to scroll with your finger,
5min (to next Track) on a Scrollbar
which is 5 cm long (should be something like 1.96 inches),
at a speed of 200 km/h (ca. 124 miles per hour).

The solving of my problem, was to dock
Winamp at the bottom. So its maximized.
Only when its maximized and will be closed,
it appears on the next start with my full frame.

Thank you for answering.
(and sorry, for my bad english, but i think it should work)

Now i only need player-buttons without pixels,
think i learn graphic-designing next weekend^^

.....OHHH MAN, i excruciate with my english and you come from Bavarian???
Im from Augsburg and work at the moment in Penzberg

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