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Is it possible in milkdrop ?

Hi guys! Greetings from Poland!

Im currenty making some remixes of many presets founded on the web (some of the E.O.S, Zylot, Goody, Rovastar, Krash, Geiss, Martin, Aderrasi, Dbleja, Phat, Flexi, Yin and many others) You can checkout one of the previews in HD at (watch?v=OHN6BqXz4iw)

I will be releasing whole preset remix pack soon... currently I think sooner than June 1st - maybe in March/April. There will be something like 50+ remixes.

Im not a coder, my maths aint that good as I would like so i've got a question about some visuals I founded on the YouTube.

First is: (in case of URL problem - watch?v=YOTcwXXHILM)
Checkout how cool it looks from 0:00 to 0:50 on this big screen.

Second one: (watch?v=0i9lzfr61MM)
This lightning is very very cool... and Im desperatly in need of something like that.

I know that those visuals @Armin Only 2008 - they are 99% not milkdrop presets... probably some more advanced visual software & VJ person.

So my question is: is it possible to create such visuals in milkdrop or maybe someone made already something similar to those two links above?

Or maybe it is also possible to create shapes like those:
They would only need to flash little bit, like in the disco.

What tutorial/manual should I read & learn, or maybe there is someone that would help me with achieving that sort of results?

Im a beginner dj and at the end of may 2010 I will have a chance to do a whole night gig and I really wouldnt like to have a simple lines etc. on the plasma behind me.
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