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Hi Arturro

1. These examples look really quite outdated. I think your PC may be a bit old and have a shader1 video card only, so milkdrop will only let you select the old shader1 presets. Get a reasonable gamers video card which can handle shader2, get the latest presets from the forum and have your head blown off.

2. It is quite unlikely there is a more advanced visualiser than milkdrop available. Much better lightning effects than these can easily be done with milkdrop.

3. I need to critisize your sample video If you want to do a whole night gig you should learn which presets to use when, and how and when to change them. Milkdrops strength is that it offers a vast variety of different presets for different music styles. In this example, at 1:42 LATEST, you should change to a more lively video !

See here how to do it (ok this is cut, and his PC stutters a bit, but anyway)

4. Before you bore your audience with self programmed old fashioned effects I really suggest you get yourself a decent PC which can handle the existing presets, and use these. Focus on your gig and not on milkdrop programming !

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