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No problemo

No. 7 is flashy indeed but it is good for track called - system f - out of the blue 2010 (laidback luke remix)

I would like to compose something like Armin van Buuren's lightning (visual for sia - the girl you lost to cocaine) which would act like his... but my skill in programming is... zero or almost zero so I am looking for any similar presets which I could mix with other that I have and maybe with a bit of luck Ill get what I need.

The one and only problem with lets say - simple but good presets is when people are seeing it on the plasma in the club they think "ow sh... man, he have winamp there?" - and I dont want that kind of reaction from my public You know... I just want to be full pro, give the public best beats that I know and best visual effects that I can do by myself (without the vj man) and the reaction I would like to build in people who will come to see me is "OMG, this guy is f...... amazing" Thats my goal

I will try to read and understant the preset authoring guide and I hope it will help me... but as I said - I was always bad... very bad when it comes to programming
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