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Originally posted by Arturro K.
I've made also second version of those lasers - they flash better but the movement is still crapy.

Generally thats something that would be good for trance music. And when Im saying trance I think: W&W vs Jonas Stenberg - Alligator Fuckhouse (Original Mix)

Edit: - mp3 file - Alligator Fuckhouse (Original Mix).
Yeah, I think the mix goes back on Phat_Zylot_Eo.S. work with lines.milk... not always possible to trace the original, but I remember I was quite impressed when I saw it the first time. Definitely a good effect by simple means, albeit the movement is repetitive and quickly predictable.

Movement is a difficult issue. I tried a lot to react to beats, or to predict beats, but the possibilities are very limited. For instance in your mp3, I would like the lasers to stop and have some slow movement between approximately 3:12 and 3:25, however this is not feasible, and I don't think it's a problem of milkdrop, it would require quite significant intelligence to handle that properly. That's where the VJ need to come in.

In your mix I don't like the background pixels. There is no antialiasing, you can see them jump from pixel to pixel during slow movements - that's 1980s technology, and we should have got rid of is long ago. I guess they are still in to maintain compatibility.
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