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Apologies if this is a known issue/already listed. I'm having trouble deciding what the info. button on the currently playing track is supposed to do. I've tested it with various files all of which have valid tag information.

All the tag info. shows up in desktop Winamp or in any of the other desktop or mobile players that I've opened them with. The tag info. for track name/album name/artist name is showing correctly on the playing when locked screen.

If the button is intended to pull info. from sources other than the file tags then it's not happening for me. I tried whilst connected to desktop, tried solo both with and without Wifi activated. All returned an error message.

If the data source is not the file tags and the conditions are not met (not streaming, no Wifi, not docked, whatever) then shouldn't the button grey out?

tl;dr version - info button always returns "No artist information found" error message.

HTC Hero w/ Android 2.1
Desktop Winamp v5.601 Pro
Mobile Winamp v0.92
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