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Oh God, My Brain Hurts; A Tale of Acute Stupidity.

*sigh* The following occurred between 12:20am and 2:40am this morning [Insert Law & Order sound here if you wish]:

Her: Everytime I watch Bait Car I get pissed off!!! THIS IS ENTRAPMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, no, it isn't.

"In many jurisdictions, entrapment is a possible defense against criminal liability. However, there is no entrapment where a person is ready and willing to break the law and the government agents merely provide what appears to be a favorable opportunity for the person to commit the crime. For example, it is not entrapment for a government agent to pretend to be someone else and to offer, either directly or through an informant or other decoy, to engage in an unlawful transaction with the person (see 'sting operation'). So, a person would not be a victim of entrapment if the person was ready, willing and able to commit the crime charged in the indictment whenever opportunity was afforded, and that government officers or their agents did no more than offer an opportunity."
Some Guy 1:
when opportunitl knocks open the door n let the officer dressed as a hooker in or not if she looks to good to true she is n if not u dont what it either lol
Your silly, Brewt. The part that really pisses me off is the fact that they werent entrapping enough "felons" so they started puttting laptops, game systems, and speakers in the vehicles to sweeten the deal. They also will stage a fake arrest or argument or whatever so they call attention to the vehicle then they leave. They make absolute certain that there are a few "thugs" wherever they drop it. It just makes me hate them that much more.
You're pissed that people who committed a crime got arrested? Weather or not the vehicle was left there as bait is irrelevant, the people still broke into it.
To expand on that, the cops didn't force the people to break into vehicles and commit theft/grand theft auto. Those people make that choice entirely on their own. And therefore, deserve to get arrested for it.
Her: I see things from the other side of the rainbow, Ryan...and yes it pisses me off that they are able to tempt ppl such as they do and them punish them for it. It would be like sitting coke in front of a cocaine addict then punishing them for doing it.
Well, cocaine is illegal, they're not supposed to do it. Does not matter if I put a locked or unlocked car in front of you, you're not supposed to steal it.
Me: Also, Bait Car is not a secret. Thieves know that police use bait cars. They should have the common sense to know that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. The only people Bait Car catches... are the stupid ones.
Well heres another thing that pisses me off. They tell those young kids that they are being charged with GTA(grand theft auto) when in reality the keys were in the ignition and most of them do no damage to the vehicle. Last time I read the law books that was joy riding not GTA.
GTA depends on where you're at and what the laws are. But it does NOT matter weather or not the keys are in the vehicle with the doors wide open, or the doors locked. It's NOT THEIR VEHICLE. The proper thing to do would be turn off the engine (if it isn't already), remove the keys, lock the doors and call the police and report an abandoned vehicle that the police need to run the plates on and find the owner.

If a thief breaks into your home and steals a million bucks, does it matter if your door was locked or not? Of course not. An unlocked door is not an invitation. May be tempting, but no one is telling them to go forth with that temptation.

Does a woman deserve to be raped depending on where she is or what she wears? The answer to that is no. Likewise, a no car deserves to be stolen, regardless of situation. If you're saying an unlocked car with keys in it is an open invitation, then you're also saying a woman in a bad part of town with skimpy clothes deserves to be raped.

Both situations merely offer higher temptation, but no police officer is going, "Hey she's hot. Rape her" or "Damn that's a nice car, you should take it for a ride". The criminals are coming to their OWN DECISION to actively break the law.
Her: do me a favor and look up the definition of GTA then look up joy riding and then tell me which one you see fit for these circumstances
Her: and actually is does matter if your door is locked or not
Irrelevant. If it isn't your vehicle, you have NO RIGHT to get in it and drive away with it. Doesn't matter if you drive 100 feet or 100 miles. Was it alright to steel vehicles back when they didn't have door locks?

And as a woman, would it be alright for someone to rape you because your choice of clothing was, to someone else, an "open invitation"?
Me: What it boils down to, is that you need to learn what entrapment actually is, and get over it. Then you need to stop hanging out with people that make you sympathetic to car thieves. Because the last thing you need is to go out for some hamburgers or hotdogs, or go to a movie with a friend, and get pulled over and arrested for accessory to a crime for being a passenger in a vehicle they stole.
Her: Apparently it isnt irrelevant. if its relevance had no role in it then there wouldnt be different degrees of crimes, right? and as a woman if I was to do things to make my female organ more attractive and too tempting to pass up then maybe i do deserve it. If I went and scoped out a man that would be the most likely to "sexually assault" me, took myself to a place where i have the best chances to be raped, pulled all of my clothing off and laid there seductively then can i blame myself if it happens??absolutely yes!!!!
Does that make the rape any less right? And if you took your clothes off and laid there naked and seductive, I'm pretty sure that makes you willing.
Her: exactly
Her: so if i did that, then hollered rape should my "assilaint" be charged and arrested?
Her: Hell no he shouldnt
Some Guy 2:
nuthin, but love for ya [redacted]!!!
If you filed a false charge against someone, should YOU be arrested?
Her: of course and thats what the cops do in these cases where they charge them with GTA when its joyriding
Some Guy 2:
And caps locks is cruise control for cool, right?
Her: of course. did you not know that?


Needless to say, she was promptly unfriended for an acute case of stupid.

[edit] Yes, I spelled "tale" wrong. Mod: feel free to correct it. [/edit]

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