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Originally Posted by LoRd_MuldeR View Post
Windows 8.1 and 8.2 are more like Service Packs to Windows 8.0, not really a new Windows.

Still there have been some tiny Desktop improvements in 8.1, like options for booting directly to the Desktop, having your Desktop wallpaper on the Start screen and having Desktop programs displayed before Metro apps on the Start screen. AFAIK, in 8.2 (or maybe it's called "8.1 Update 1") it will be possible to pin Metro apps to the taskbar.
But there are no useful API changes, all those other things are explorer.exe changes.

IsOS has checks for Vista+, 7+ and 8+ but they are not documented. This is one of those functions that MS did not really want to document but they were forced to document some of it, probably only the parts used by IE and the active desktop bits. The actual implementation is in shcore.dll IIRC if someone wants to find the 8.1 value...

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