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Originally Posted by Lenge View Post
If your version test application is made with NSIS 3.x (is it?), it probably does include an 8.1 manifest, and so the compatibility mode might not be in effect.
Nope. My test app was built with Unicode NSIS v2.46.5

Originally Posted by Lenge View Post
I will, as soon as I have according machines at hand. Currently I have only access to XP machines. In the meantime, it would be great if somebody could verfiy if an application with an explicit 8.1 manifest can be run in compatibility mode or not.
Seems like they can. I have a simple C++ app for testing my get_real_os_version() function. Without Windows 8.1 GUID in the Manifest, the result of GetVersionEx() is wrong and we need to fix it via VerifyVersionInfo(). By adding the GUID, we get the correct value right away. But I can still enable the "compatible mode", which will still make GetVersionEx() return a wrong value - but again VerifyVersionInfo() will fix it.

BTW: You can get an evaluation edition of Windows 8.1 Enterprise for free and install it in VirtualBox/VMWarePlayer. That's what I do

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