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Originally Posted by Anders View Post
The compatibility mode you can select in the properties tab are additional shims added on top of this. The fact that VerifyVersionInfo is not affected by the changes you make here is a serious bug in Windows (VerifyVersionInfo was added in some NT4 service pack so it is a pretty old function)
Well, it only means that "compatibility mode" doesn't resamble the behavior of the older Windows versions accurately - and it doesn't have to. If you think of "compatibility mode" as something that has the goal to get old/broken applications working under up-to-date Windows (rather than something that has the goal to emulate the older Windows version as accurate as possible), then it makes sense that GetVersionEx() will return the older Windows version (as selected in "compatibilty mode" options) and - at the same time - VerifyVersionInfo() accepts everything up to the actual Windows version. Restricting VerifyVersionInfo() to only accept what would have been accepted by the older Windows version obviously doesn't aid the golad to improve compatibilty. After all it's "compatibility mode", not "emulator mode".

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