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the DNAS can provide the crossdomain.xml file on 'portbase' without having to use the dedicated FPS port (when using flashpolicyserverport=843 - which is defaulted to not being enabled to reduce the number of ports the DNAS needs to open in-order to run).

however, unless you're doing something very specific, you don't need to provide your own crossdomain.xml file as the DNAS will auto-generate the appropriate response needed based on how the DNAS has been configured to run (as long as you're using as current 2.4x release).

so that message on start-up is correct if you've not specified the dedicated FPS port to use. and from the sounds of it, you don't really need it anyway and the provision of the DNAS to provide a response on that response is just for those cases where the normal behaviour doesn't work (which doesn't appear to be the case based on your reply).
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