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A year is almost over

and it is time for a new attempt on beat detection.

It is very computational efficient because it uses fast memory moves for the delay chain, and needs no trigonometrics nor a lot of multiplications. In the sample attached, the majority of CPU power is used to draw the shapes.
The drawback is that it is very dependent on a constant frame rate.

Therefore if you try it out, please close other processes that interfere. This may be less of an issue on multicore processors, but on my single core a browser or virus scanner running in the background totally cocks it up.

The algorithm is not mature nor fine tuned yet but in overall seems to works quite well. Other than my previous attempts which tried to determine an absolute constant beat rate, this one reacts on volume and therefore feels rather "direct", but still uses resonators for preprocessing so it will keep clocking over short pauses. Just try it out.
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