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Winamp 5.8 output is apparently heavily compressed

I first noticed this on John Petrucci's "Damage Control," at 3:00 - 3:45 in, where it changes from the slower, more stately part to a faster BPM part, separated by a set of two chords, then silence, repeated twice. At this point in the song, the volume gets momentarily MUCH louder, after the brief silences. This is wrong.

I'm using Winamp 5.8. I have no DSP/Effect plugins active in Preferences. My output plugin is NullSoft DirectSound Output v2.70. This happens with the Equalizer off, and Use Limiter deselected. Use Replay Gain is deselected. This does not happen in Winamp 5.666. You should not apply compression to all output signals without the option to disable it. It reduces dynamic range (in this case, greatly), and introduces "pumping" artifacts. Many pro producers and mixers decry the overuse of compression; although just what constitutes overuse is subjective. Listening back to the song as a whole, I hear frequent pumping artifacts. At this point, there should be NO compression, and to have ANY is wrong. Period. This from a garage band wannabe of some decades, who has more or less read widely on such subjects.

I regret that my first post on 5.8 is a real stopper of a problem. I am encouraged that Radiometry has finally released an update, after keeping it dead in the water for many, many years. I salute your (long overdue) efforts to update it.

The post announcing the 5.8 official release implied that upcoming Winamp will only be out for portable devices. This seems unfortunate, as if your desire is to become a premier music player on all platforms, not challenging dominant, entrenched players on desktops is a mistake. Winamp STILL has a lot of devoted followers, after all this time. The Desktop version is still pretty good. If you want to become an important music player on portable devices, I think that enforcing continuing obsolescence of the once most popular and still very popular music player for the sake of mobile devices is asking users to say: "Here, I'm ruining the desktop version, but you want me on your mobile device!" Better, IMHO, to say, we can find at least a little love for the desktop version, so as to be able to support portable platforms, and have something better than a bad excuse for desktops; because, let's face it, desktops are still a platform that matters. If you want to become a popular multi-platform app, even a little love and effort for the desktop version would keep it from being a gaping hole in your multi-platform; and keep a large community of offended and abused users from becoming a liability, when, with at least a little continuing effort, they could be an asset. If it were e.g. open sourced, community programmers could submit their own commits, thereby decreasing costs of maintaining it, or at least getting more bang for your development buck.

Some really basic modernizations are lacking, such as dragging and dropping into a playlist, or being able to edit the Replay Gain setting in Edit Metadata. And again, 5.8 is unusable as it is, due to a HUGE amount of compression on the output, that should not be there.
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