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Doubts with the tag advert

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
No, the instructions are correct.

Advert: (capital A and colon) in both Artist and Title tags.

Looks like you were already using it and I need glasses (the end quote in your post was visually obscuring the colon, for me)

Hmmm... I'll need to know station details (stream name & url, etc)....

Hi Dj Egg. Makes me doubt.

Should I put the tag in what way?
Advert: or "Advert:" with these double quotes?

I do not understand what would be 'colon'. I still need the translator and the translation does not work for the word 'colon'.

My radio is in Brazil, but I have a hearing in countries that have monetization, but my statistics of impressions are empty. I do not know if the tag is typed correctly.
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