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Hello PeterK.,

does that mean, that the uploading of .jpg-files and .png-files as attachements in the forums is not possible anymore? There were issues with the .zip-folders 1 month ago. The uploaing of .milk-files has worked also this week. I don't know, if the .txt-files and the .xml-files still can be uploaded as attachments without problems.

I had already planned a new thread with .jpg-files as attachements in:
Winamp & SHOUTcast Forums > Skinning and Design > Arts and Design
but now I think, I should abadon my plan.

I have updated my .zip-folders on Mediafire after I have made some sunset-photos on the bridge 8 days ago and chosen the best of them. I should upload my photos with the original filesizes on deviantART (made with 3 different digital camares from 2007 to 2017).

Tomorrow I could have some more time for some music at home, on my PC or on my notebook. In the computer-room of the meeting-point mostly I use YouTube or SoundCloud.

I wish You already a nice weekend. We will see us somewhen next week...

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