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Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post

Are you a semi professional music producer?

Not now, that was many years ago when the music world was analog.

Now I use an assortment of free and commercial apps to make the best rips I can (from CDs, LPs and tapes) and clean up rips made by others that I add to my digital music collection. It's a time consuming hobby and my results largely depend on the quality of the original material.

For me, it is fun and satisfying when I'm successful in removing or reducing artifacts and having the music sound better (clear and vibrant) to my ears on my equipment.

Great digital music sound depends on what you start and end with (the quality of the digital file and of the speaker system) and not so much on what is in between. I love Winamp because it helps me manager my collection, supports skins, and supports so many plug-ins to help tweak all sorts of stuff. Skins like yours give me something great to look at, and/or enhance the UI, which is the icing on the cake.

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