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I'm going to make a more complete reg fix for you, but in the meantime, can you provide us with an example of an mp3 website that you're experiencing the problem with? The reason I'm asking is just to know if the links on the sites are direct links to .mp3 files, or if they are links to .m3u playlist files (which then link to the mp3 files).

Also tell me if 'Play' or 'Enqueue' is the default action in Winamp...
ie. if "Enqueue files on double click in Windows Explorer" is checkmarked or not in:
Winamp > Prefs > File Types
(I need to know this value for the reg fix I'm preparing for you).

And whilst you're in there, try de-selecting then re-selecting both of mp3 and m3u in the Extension List, make sure "restore file associations on winamp startup" is checked, then close prefs, close winamp, reopen winamp.
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