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Thank You, alexrib.

I have mentioned already, that not all parents and children had harmonized well each other. Sometimes many years ago the contacts had been cancelled, by one or by both sides. Sometimes a father or mother also had disinherited the son or daugther, and suddenly the authorities require, that the children should pay for the nursing home (but they can pay only, if they themselves have very high incomes).

I had learned to know also adults, who had lost their fathers already before they themselves had been born. In some other cases a mother had died directly after the birth. Or they were very young yet, younger than 6 or younger than 3, when one of their parents suddenly had died.

Of course for the most children it is very hard, if the marriage of the parents is divorced, and mostly their parents will have different graves on different cemeteries. Only a few children maybe will be glad about the divorce, if they can live together with this one part of their parents who never had mistreated them.

Those people have luck who have harmonized well with both parents and especially those people have luck, if their parents stay very healthy until a very high age. Mostly this is not the case. When I myself finally had left the school, my own parents both were very ill already, and I had to worry about them very often. My father had suffered only at the end, when he was 74, and it was not possible for him to live longer. My mother didn't have become 89, but she had become 85. I myself was 36 and 47, when I had lost my parents.

One of our few remained friends in another country had lost 3 family members from September to December. Frank and I are still thinking of You. Keep strong...

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