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I have a supplement, because I have to explain a little bit more. It still hurts me, what did happen to my parents, to all their material goods and to my first home in my life.

We have the German phrase "Don't transplant an old tree!", and that is true. Many old people had died already a half year after they had been pulled out of their old bigger home. The most people don't lose their old home because of a fire, flood, earthquake or tornado. Many old people suddenly are put under judicial care and into a nursing home, also if they don't have yet Alheimer or age dementia. But also younger people suddenly have to move from a bigger apartment into a much smaller apartment, if they have luck and find a new one until a given date, otherwise they are put out on the street and they lose everything. After the businessmen have bought whole houses, they announce modernizations, and they want to get the apartments empty to double the prices for the sales. The long-time tenants get terminations for invented reasons. They had lived in the same apartment for many years, and suddenly they have to move out very quickly.

Only a few supervisors are okay. Many of them do things with old people, although they are not allowed to do that. Some of them forbid the partners or children to visit the old people, although these people are waiting for a visit. Many of them throw the material goods of the old people into trash containers without asking them for permission, also retro-technology which works yet, and many retro-fans search directly for that. Such supervisors really should be sued. Of course the most old people in the nursing home ask very often, what did happen to all their books, LPs, Singles, photos, decent dresses, jewelry, family heirlooms, personal memories and money on their bank accounts, and they don't get an answer from the supervisors. Of course they divine and sense, that their most loved objects and music simply had been taken away from them, also their old home. Then many old people retire and they give up on themselves.

My mother had luck, that she got a single room. Especially in the past 2 or more people had to share a room, they had to sleep in the same room, and there was no place for privacy. I know, in the past many old people had been mistreated in some of the nursing homes. I think, they didn't do that in this one nursing home, where my mother had to live in her last 2 years. There are daily neccessary things, which have to be done regularly. Old people also have to be washed and dressed with new pieces of dresses, and the most old people don't like that. Also my mother had complained about that very often, when she had left again a message on our old-fashioned telephone answering machine (much better than the modern mailbox).

Also the nurses have to do a very hard job. They are obliged to force the old people to eat and drink, if they stop eating and drinking, because they don't want to live anymore. Carrying the old people can be bad for the back, and the nurses get also psychic problems very often, if they do their badly payed job with overtime. They experience a conflict, that they have to handle against their own moralic conceptions. Many of them change the job, after they have discovered, that they had choosen the wrong profession. Also my mother had complained very often, that the next nurse had gone and again a new one had come. Some months after her death I saw again one of the former nurses. I can say, these were very touching moments, and I had cried.

About my mother's favourited song: I have visited Discogs and Wikipedia, made and saved .txt-files, downloaded the album artwork and images of the artist. Also this very great artist had a very tragic story, she had become only 54. Today I have visited Musixmatch in Firefox. They have the songlyrics of the sides A and B. I have copied them into new .txt-files. In my childhood and youth I never had tears in my eyes, when this Single had been played, but now my tears come everytime, if I start this song on YouTube...

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