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URGENT: Karaoke Plugin Query needed by Monday

On Monday I am setting up Winamp for a Karaoke-mad elderly gentleman.

The old XP laptop he had, which has gone pop, plugged into his TV with the VGA connector and had an old version of Winamp with an unknown plugin (he is unable to identify it) and the laptop screen showed the Winamp interface, while the TV showed the lyrics of whatever song he wanted to croon along to.

The replacement PC is running Windows 7 and the latest Winamp and I intend for the display to be split between the monitor and his TV using the VGA and DVI sockets in an NVidia graphics card. This is tested and working but I am unable to get Winamp to put the lyrics on one display, they just pop up in a little Window (not fullscreen).

My questions:

What is the most common and current Karaoke plugin?

How is it configured in idiot terms, so I he can see the Winamp interface on his PC monitor and the lyrics on his TV?

Does the display setup need to be span, split screen or other in Windows?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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