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Look at the above link to get DCOM98 and install it "wine dcom98.exe".

Just use wine and the winamp install program to install winamp. (wine winamp506_full.exe).

What Didn't work:

Winamp agent (don't install)

and it's too slow, even on a 3200 Athlon 64. But it does play clean if you don't move the mouse. I think that's mainly due to the UI. I don't think the UI is all that efficient in windows either, it just doesn't matter. If you have some really hyped up computer, it might even work adequately.

I think I did have to install some DLL or another, but it showed up that it was missing in the wine error messages.

My test box is FC5/32 with the latest wine from

EDIT: oh and the CD burning stuff don't work....

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