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That's cheating a bit now is it.. a core2duo to run pretty much any desktop app. Even if the emulated speed would be 5% of 'native speed' you would still have plenty left.

Reason to run winamp on linux for me is simple, and it has been mentioned in passing:

- I want my linux server to play my music.

But I have a lot of demands

1/ Server is P3-700.. <scooby>wruh woh</scooby>
2/ I want it to play back on my m-audio 'semi-pro' sound card
3/ I want to run it through HQSoftProc to upsample to 24bit
4/ I want to run it through Kernel Streaming
5/ I want to play back all formats - even the high-cpu-demanding ones.
6/ I use remoteamp (on a dell axim over bluetooth activesync) to control my playback
7/ Obviously I need no visual interface at all.

Can someone confirm or deny that currently (latest wine, winamp) this is anywhere near viable? I think if the box would run winXP it would work. My athlon64-3000 can play this back without a hitch using 5% cpu at max (except when caching).
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