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I've never had sex with someone I didn't believe I was in love with. Just FYI.

Originally posted by rockouthippie
What education does wearing a condom require?. It was not mentioned in my health classes, but I was always aware of the existence and use of these devices.
There's a few common errors (especially not nipping the head), and reducing the "taboo factor" of such things increases the incidence of usage. Research into abstinence-only education have shown that it not only reduces use of contraceptives, it does nothing to decrease rates of people having sex. In fact, research has shown that abstinence-only sexual education increases rates of pregnancy.

This seems to me to be the natural consequence of telling people what to do, rather than giving them a choice — they won't listen to you.

The Emerging Answers report (which reviews 250 different studies of sexual education programs) is apparently a good report on the matter, for the US.

Originally posted by rockouthippie
And I've had to fight to maintain my politically incorrect posture on this matter.
I don't think you're particularly politically-incorrect. I can see the rational reasons for your view, otherwise I'd've stopped replying.

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