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W00t 6 new posts since I've last been here!? Awesome! Thanks guys for the replies even if they're off topic, activity is GOOD !

Yes, Mrs. Klare I think we should revise our waste collection practices and make everything go to recycling by default. Recycling is key because then we aren't taking away from non-renewable resources, and it might slow down consumption too. Many people feel this way, too bad almost nothing gets done about it.

Hakanh, I think I misunderstood what you meant by transistions. Did you mean the switching of the per-vertex code zoom amount? In some private builds I tweaked the timing of the transitions but I'm not sure if those tweaks made it into this version. Its hard to speed the transitions up though because the preset is so fluid and constantly changing.

Finally, after several days of work and cross-analyzing prior versions to check for progress, I have v15 ready. I mashed it up with part of Unchained's "Goofy Beat Detection" to provide a border and what seems to be better color. I reverted a change in the warp shader to provide more texture, but I can revert the change and smooth everything out if there's too much warping, except at the expense of some color. In addition, I removed a lot of inactive code and cleaned things up a bit to reduce the file size.

I would like to include the full preset and mash in up with Star Forge and then lerp the two together in the comp shader for a cool see-through effect, but I don't know if its possible to in effect create two main image buffers with independent processing and pass both into the comp shader. Basically, I'd like to take what you see in the Star Forge v15 preset, then take what you see in the Goofy Beat Detection preset and lerp them to together in the comp shader. Nevertheless, that would be for v16, v15 looks pretty good in its own right, as I'd say its hopefully an improvement over v14.

Edit: I'm also curious, there's a bit too much stiletto happening with v15, is there a way I can tone that down or eliminate it without changing the "uv" to "uv_orig" with the dx / dy variables?

Edit: It seems I cannot post screenshots at this time due to new forum policy.

Edit 2: Bug fix for q variables being redefined.

Edit 3: While I still have the chance I'll upload this awesome compromise (name still v15). I can't believe lerp'ing uv and uv_orig worked so well!

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