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Big update last night:

Greasemonkey feature overhaul, price history now floats on top of Amazon product page content.
Added screenshots to Features page.
Updated site menu structure.
Major source code decrufting, cleanup, and documentation in progress.
Fixed bug in Wishlist importer that tracked the Amazon price with the New availability, and updated all Camels created with this bug to track Amazon availability.
Added backend support for 30 day expiration of camels, user interface to follow.
Made the camel update script less of a resource hog, and run about 20mins faster per update.
Fixed bugs in which deleted camel constraints were still active in determining camel huggability.
Added Amazon API request/response caching to help debug price errors.
Renamed "quit tracking" to "stop tracking" in the dropdown menu below your list of camels.
Added protip at the top of your camels page.
Made camel tracking pages more efficient and reuse existing code.
Added title above price history graph on product and camel tracking pages.
Changed image popup graphics to load from proper server.
Updated contact info in sidebar on homepage.
Added more obviously-placed cake on camel pages to help keep you abreast of price droppage.
Made price history graphs about 50px wider and added support for displaying Purchase Price (for those 30 day expiring camels).
Fixed Amazon API URL encoding issues and made updater slightly less crashy.
Note the silent Greasemonkey script upgrade, backend support for 30-day expiring camels, numerous bug fixes & UI cleanups, etc.

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