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I second this motion. I've been using Milkdrop in my VJ shows, and I want to be able to setup a show ahead of time (a playlist) and then simply launch that at the beginning of my show, and pretty much "let it run", with the ability to hit the space bar to goto the next item in the playlist (the way MD works now), and automatically goto the next item in the case of a video clip, or ideally repeat the video for a certain length of time, in the case of a video "loop", or be able to play the video loop until I hit the space bar.
I am envisioning a playlist which includes video clips, and specific milkdrop presets defined ahead of time.
I have designed several effects which use the Kinect, I really want to be able to play those effects from Winamp somehow, and have the effects be another item in the playlist.
The other thing I really want to be able to do is overlay video and flash files on top of milkdrop.
A REALLY cool feature might be to be able to transition from a video clip to a MD preset, and vice versa (the way MD is able to transition from one preset to another now), and be able to do that quickly so there's very little lag time on the 2nd monitor (which is what I hook up to the projector in a live show setting).
And of course the ability to transition to a kinect effect as well.

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