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Handling any components from maki's side is also a real bitch. So many inconsistencies to start with. So I wont be surprised if the fault somewhere in gen_ff.

In that demo, if the windowholder is hidden, the component will open in a new window(which is right). You will also see that the tick mark next to QM doesn't always correspond with its visibility in the skin. But the tick seems to be correct in classicpro where the QM frame is caught with the windowholder using @all@.

Also tried to add a button to open the QM GUID that I could maybe press to open it the first time each run. But this also didn't work. So looks like if I want to use it I'll have to let the system open it the first. After this initial open, everything works like it should (like the video, avs, ml, playlist).

But not too worried that much since I only wanted to add a tab for the QM and maybe make it viewable in the drawer too (cpro). Just commented the code out so will easy to re implement if it is fixable. The user will just not be able to open the QM with a click.

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did i mention i hate modern skins? if not then please note this for the future

ClassicPro© v2.01 : This plugin allows you to use cPro skins in Winamp. ClassicPro skins are all SUI skins and loads very quickly. ClassicPro skins is even easier to skin than Winamp Classic skins. A new layout have been added since version 2.
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