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Crossfade Confusion Need Help

I can not figure out all of this crossfading stuff. I previously had sqrsoft crossfader sett to work perfectly. A friend helped me with the settings, and it was great. Seemlessly faded between tracks so there was no silence and everything always blended smoothly. Now I went to latest Winamp and windows 7 64 bit. Sqrsoft doesnt work at all.
I have been pouring through things on the net and in these forums, etc and have not found a perfect working solution! I am surprised that most of the data on Winamp crossfading seems to be real old. Anyone know why?? I would have expected more current data. Anyhow, I have not been able to get a good working solution. I have focussed on usingthe default directsound output plug-in. I am close, but still some things are not right. It seems to go more off of time than analyzing each individual song. Can anyone please post help here in laymans terms?? I know others are struggling too. One detailed centralized post may make a lot of people very happy. Thanks!!! Johnny
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