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Originally Posted by Danya Lukin View Post
Or could there possibly be a way to just merge two plugins together, make a DSP module and a vis module in the same plugin ang have winamp call both? is that possible?
that's not possible for Winamp to use one plugin for both aspects.

what i'm suggesting is that you can do it as a DSP but pass that to your own vis engine and then with that say running on a different thread could update / use data being fed as needed so that shouldn't affect the DSP handling much and still allows you to do what you're trying to achieve.

i had thought i'd seen other true vis plug-ins do some sort of musical analysis. either way, you're going to be looking at some compromises since you want the higher data resolution but be a vis plug-in is really just designed for prettiness rather than data processing (a guess a legacy issue from when it was added over a decade ago).

only other option might be to have a look at the Milkdrop v1 source code as that does some funky things with audio data so that might have something of use in there or not - just thinking of what might help.

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