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Auto Tag Stopped working after 5.601 pro update

I have the standard pro install with no extra plugins or anything added. When using the "send to" menu and then auto tag it says done on the first item in the list and stays at analyzing on the second item. On the done item nothing is changed. Also...when using auto tag from the "file Info" menu on a single item it always say "Match not found" imediately after hitting auto tag. Does not matter what tracks I do this on. I have another computer running 5.56 and it works fine.

I am running Windows7 64bit with all updated patches.

Any help is much appreciated. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled from scratch several time and no go. It is like it is just connecting to gracenote. I have turned off all firewalls and such just to be sure and of course that did not work either.

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