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@najarip: As mentioned above, I am not a dev so just trying to help narrow this down.

Where are you ripping your CD to? Are you in the Win 7 User Folders (i.e. My Music) or trying to do this somewhere weird like C:\Program Files\ ?

I see you have tried the sensible - rip tracks elsewhere and then autotag. Which at least shows us that Gracenote in general is working.

Usually when a CD that Gracenote does not recognise is inserted for ripping, Gracenote causes a dialog box to appear asking you to add in the details to their database. I am going to dig through my CDs and find one that Gracenote will not know and see what happens. It could be a bug with that dialog box causing a crash.

Does Gracenote work okay on a normal recognised CD when ripping?
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