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I think I may have a clue.... do you have the advertising "Show Info" panel open at the bottom of the Winamp ripping window? This is why Opera is "crashing" for me as that window tries to load URLs and other links connected to the CD being ripped.

Opera, for me, does not crash as it catches the exception, complains about a missing dll, and then allows me to exit. This implies to me that AOL is trying to launch by web browser in an odd way from the wrong location.

Normally I have this "Show Info" window hidden, and on top of that I block the advertising \ "more info" URLs that AOL tries to access.

When I had that panel open, I had dozens of the Opera Dialogs flashing up which I had to dismiss one by one.

So - my theory is - a CD that is not in the gracenote database causes problems for these AOL adverts, and depending on which web browser you use as default depends on the "crash" action that happens next.
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