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@ClintJCL2: The problem is Clint that we have lots of us users not seeing a problem with Auto-Tag. (Mine is fine on 64bit Vista and Win7) So the game starts by playing "spot the difference" between an broken install and a new one. And nearly every time the fault comes down to an old Plug-In.

This is why there is always a request for lists of plugins, but as you can see by this thread, some people get annoyed when you ask for extra details to help them. And there are only two people on this thread - one never came back and the other solved his problem with a clean install (that "uninstaller" he used would have scrub the old settings out of the %appdata% branch and therefore also removed old plugins)

When moving an old install to a new Win7 PC this means you are dragging a lot of old and obsolete files along with you. By listing plugins on this support page by using "onefornunz.exe" then it is easier for those of us helping to spot the incompatible item.

Remember that Winamp has been underdevelopment for over a decade. And in that time various community members have written and then abandoned plugins. Meanwhile, Winamp moves on, and these old plugins fall out of use as the original person who made it is not interested any more (or often the feature is now built into Winamp itself).
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