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@CandyManCan: I don't understand why you would go to a third party uninstall product when you could have had assistance here.

Give us some details of your setup, and we can get you a real clean install.

On your Windows 7 PC, start by UNINSTALL winamp from the normal add\remove programs.
Next got to C:\Program Files\Winamp and make sure that whole folder has been removed.
Next hit START and type %APPDATA% into the search box and open the AppData folder. Usually it opens the Roaming folder. In here, delete the Winamp folder that you will see. (C:\Users\CandyManCan\AppData\Roaming\Winamp)

Now reboot and you are ready for a clean installation. This time when installing, take a careful scroll through the list of stuff winamp is offering to install and make sure it is all ticked. Or, if you are taking things out, make sure you know what you are leaving out (and for the sake of this support question write them down).

The page in the installer offering Winamp Toolbars, etc can be totally deselected as these are add-ons Winamp can do without.

Now you should have a clean, fresh installation. What happens to your PC now?

Edit: A lot of the time this kind of thing has been fixed just by re-running the installation. Often items have been deselected by error.
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