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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
On your Windows 7 PC, start by UNINSTALL winamp from the normal add\remove programs.
Next got to C:\Program Files\Winamp and make sure that whole folder has been removed.
Next hit START and type %APPDATA% into the search box and open the AppData folder. Usually it opens the Roaming folder. In here, delete the Winamp folder that you will see. (C:\Users\CandyManCan\AppData\Roaming\Winamp)

I must point out that this process sometimes leaves stuff in the registry. The stuff left is
usually not important or gets overwritten by the reinstall. But sometimes not. When I do
a 'clean' uninstall, I want everything removed. Revo Uninstaller is one of several apps that
helps me do this.

I otherwise agree with everything else you posted.
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