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Recently I bought an old car which doesn't have SXM or MP3 capability. So I've resorted to creating old-fashioned CDs for listening while driving just that car. Naturally I wanted to commit some mixes to disc, but simply can't figure out how. I've been working on this for three nights and have read hundreds of internet forum posts.

I'm a Winamp Pro user if that makes any difference. (Although when I apply the Winamp Essentials) it deactivates my Pro features until I uninstall everything and reinstall...)

I DL'ed and installed SqrSoft_Advanced_Crossfading_Output (which I know isn't supported here) and it works nicely but only in real time. When writing to disc it deactivates itself. Even when I choose the single-file WMV output (which I dislike) there's no mix. The SqrSoft guy has an output plug-in too--is that what I need? My virus protection won't let me install it.

No trouble writing to disc in any format but I can't get the mix (crossfades) to record. It just comes out like a traditional list of songs complete with gaps between songs. I'm perfectly happy using the Winamp crossfade (even though it is primitive compared to SqrSoft) but it's also 'real-time' only, not for making a CD. I have the feeling that CDs are now considered so antique that I may never get to do what I want

I also followed the instructions in the post directly above and got the same result: gaps between songs--no change. I'm sure it must be something simple I'm missing.

Any advice? TIA.
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