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Winamp 5.56 hangs at start up

Hello community,
I have this serious problem with winamp which is really making me think twice before using it.
Whenever I want to open winamp it will hang there for 3-4 minutes before it actually shows the interface.
My system is vista 64b, 4GB ram, core 2 duo @2GH, winamp is 5.56
I always have a playlist with around 2500 songs, but that's not the problem as if I just clear the list and leave it empty, then I close winamp (closes immediatly) and try to open it again the same thing would happen.
And most of the times, once it shows the interface is still unusable, if I try to click on it it fades out and the window title would show the classic (Not responding)
I don't know if it is trying to load or read something, it will hang there for a while and finally will come up and I can use it just fine, this until I close it and try to reopen, then again same thing.
I've checked my plugins list and I don't see anything that is not nullsoft, so no third party plugins.
I've disable start up features from preference such as splash screen, check for updates, check for file associations...
I looked for a similar issue in the board but couldn't find anything of help, maybe you can show a little light here?
Thank you
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