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anything that isn't camel or marlboro or hard to find (honey toasted tobacco would be one brand) might as well be shit, literal, brown, steaming variety.

some are more tolerable than others, but for the most part, there's only two brands that are any good at all, american spirit's are decent but they'll kick your ass in the morning and are overpriced as hell for instance, black death if you can find them (you probably can't) are good but overpriced too, seeing a pattern here?

and for what it's worth, out of all the nat sherman's, the honey toasted tobacco's, the kamel red's, the unamerican spirit's, all the novelty, quirky or impulse buy type brands, none of them are as satisfying to smoke regularly as the main two.

and don't even get me started on cloves, if you plan to smoke those regularly you might as well start swallowing running chainsaws while you're at it, they're probably less harmful than chain smoking cloves.

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